Ashgate Publishing Company announces a New Editorial Book Series


Election Law, Politics, and Theory

Ashgate Publishing Company is soliciting manuscripts for a new book series entitled Election Law, Politics, and Theory, edited by Professor David Schultz of Hamline University.

Election Law, Politics, and Theory seeks single-authored and edited monographs for scholarly or classroom use that will examine election law. The series will broadly examine election law at the national, subnational, international, supranational, or comparative perspective, considering topics such as voting rights, reapportionment, ballot access, campaign finance reform, the courts and election regulation, election law and democraticization, and the role of actors such as political parties, the media and others in the election process.

David Schultz is a Hamline University professor and he also holds an appointment at the University of Minnesota Law School and where he is a senior fellow at the Institute on Law and Politics. Professor Schultz is the author and editor of over two dozen books and 70 articles on law and politics.

Queries and proposals may be directed to:

David Schultz, Professor, Hamline University, 570 Asbury Street, Suite 305, St. Paul, Minnesota 55104, 01.651.523.2858 (voice), 01.651.523.3098 (fax),, or

Eric Levy Commissioning Editor Law and Legal Studies , Ashgate Publishing Company, 101 Cherry Street, Suite 420 , Burlington, VT 05401-4405 , 802.865.7641, ext. 305, Fax: 802.865,7847 .