David Schultz is available for news analysis and background as a non-partisan expert both on Minnesota and on national coverage of

  *          Election law                             

  *          Money and politics

  *          Campaigns and elections           

  *          Media and Politics

  *          Government Ethics                  

  *          Political advertising

 *          Minnesota and state politics


David Schultz is professor in the School of Business at Hamline University where he teaches classes on government ethics. He also teaches election law at the Hamline University School of law and he holds an appointment at the University of Minnesota law school where he teaches election law and he is a senior fellow at its Institute for Law and Politics. A Fulbright scholar who has taught election law abroad, Professor Schultz  has 20 years of experience teaching classes on campaigns and elections, election law, voting, money and politics, political advertising, political participation, Minnesota politics, and American politics.  David is also editor of a book series, Election Law, Politics, and Theory, for Ashgate Publishing.



PhD     University of Minnesota, political science

LLM    University of London

JD        University of Minnesota Law School

MA      State University of New York at Binghamton, philosophy            

MA      Rutgers University, political science

BA       State University of New York at Binghamton, political science and philosophy



Author of over 25 books and 70 articles on various aspects of American politics including:

*            Encyclopedia of the First Amendment (2008)

*            Encyclopedia of the United States Constitution (2008)

*            Lights, Camera, Campaign!  Media, Politics, and Political Advertising (2004)

*           Social Capital:  Critical Perspectives on Community and Bowling Alone (2002)

*          Money, Politics, and Campaign Finance Reform Law in the States (2002)

*          It's Show Time: Essays in Media, Politics, and Popular Culture (2000)

*          Lies, Damn Lies, and Voter IDs:  The Fraud of Voter Fraud, 1 Harvard Law & Policy Review 1 (2008).

*          Less than Fundamental:  The Myth of Voter Fraud and the Coming of the Second Great Disenfranchisement, 34William Mitchell L. Rev. 484 (2008).

*          The Party's Over:  Partisan Gerrymandering and the First Amendment,       Capital Law Review       (2008).

*          Buckley v. Valeo, Randall v. Sorrell, and the Future of Campaign Financing on the Roberts Court, 12 Nexus 153 (2007).

*          Minnesota Republican Party v. White and the Future of State Judicial Selection, 69 Albany Law Review, 985 (2006).

*          Redistricting and the New Judicial Federalism: Reapportionment Litigation Under State Constitutions, 37 Rutgers L. J. 1087 (2006).

*          Judicial Selection in Minnesota: Options After Republican Party v. White, Bench & Bar of Minnesota (November, 2005).

*          One Person, One Vote and the Constitutionality of the Winner-Take-All Allocation of Electoral College Votes , with Christopher Duquette, 2:3 Tennessee Journal of Law and Policy, 487 (2006).

*          Disclosure is not Enough:  Empirical Lessons from State Experiences, 4 Election Law Journal 349 (2005).

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*          Special Interest Money in Minnesota Politics, in Money, Politics, and Campaign Finance Reform Law in the States, Carolina Academic Press, 2002.

*          Regulating the Political Thicket: Congress, the Courts, and State Reapportionment Commissions, forthcoming, Charleston Law Review (2008).